Home 2 Home Program


Our mission is to support the financial freedom of our clients.  This includes our Owners AND Residents.

Our Owners decrease vacancy and repair costs by encouraging our Residents to adopt a Long-Term, Owner-Occupied mentality.  Our goal for our Residents is simple:

This will be your last Rental Home until you purchase your Own Home.

Our company, with our Owners' support, encourage our Residents to purchase their own home when ready.  We provide support through the whole process! We assist with developing a step by step plan for savings, loan qualification, and eventual home purchase.  Many of our Residents have even purchased the homes they were previously renting.

Why? It's more than simply the right thing to do; this is good citizenship.  It fosters a mutually beneficial environment where good quality tenants are rewarded.

After 12 months of residency, any Resident with on-time payment history and acceptable inspections qualifies.  We simply need a 30 day notice and a copy of the final settlement statement for the purchase of an owner-occupied home.  The purchase does not even need to be through our company, but we do have agents happy to help.