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Availability: (listed on each Current Listings below)

  • Now
    The property is available for move-in now and showings can be scheduled by requesting here or on our home page.


  • Future Date (specific date given)
    The property is still occupied and available for move-in after the listed date.  Showings may be requested now for future scheduling.


Status:  (listed on each Current Listings below)

  • Accepting Applications
    We are currently accepting applications and have not yet sent Complete Applications to the owner for review.

  • Completed Applications Submitted to Owner, Still Accepting
    You may still submit as nothing is finalized, but the applications received to date are with the owner. 
    Remember a Completed Application means we have received all necessary items.  Incomplete Applications are not submitted to the owner.


  • Owner Accepted Application
    The owner has accepted an application and a lease is pending.  As soon as a lease is signed, it will be removed from the market.

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